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Investment Advisory Platform Redesign

Collaborated with MarketsMojo, a rapidly growing fintech Investment Advisory platform, with the goal of enhancing investor engagement.

Marketsmojo | Redesign


Marketmojo’s high bounce rates and low conversion rates signified a confusing navigation system, and poor onboarding process.


High bounce rates, low conversion, poor navigation and challenge introducing of new product/service vertical.

Impact on the Business

The KPIs had a direct impact on revenues and profits of the company. Besides making the system difficult to scale.


Investors on the other side were struggling to navigate and make sense of the width and depth of information and data available all over the platform.


Revamp the website to enhance adaptionelevating UXboost conversionshave higher recall

marketmojo business and users objectives

We hoped to make the Users onboarding process as seamless as possible.

Besides simplifying the navigation architecture to feel more intuitive and introduce a new Personalisation feature to make their lives lot easier.

We collectively defined clear goals and KPIs to target – Reduce bounce rates by 40%, increase conversions rates by 15% and deepen engagement levels (increase time spent by 30% and by 20% revisits) on the platform with personalised interface that reflects relevant data in the most intuitive and digestable form.

We were to launch the new experience within 3 months, and to reflect the defined targets in analytics within 2 months of the relaunch.

By tracking a variety of metrics pre- and post-redesign is crucial like Total vs Returning visitors. No of Users signing up and subscribing. and time spent on each visit.


We applied a mix of techniques to gather valuable insights.

Research Methods

By employing a mix of techniques, like qualitative research to gather insights through Stakeholders Interviews, Competitive Analysis, learning from reviews and feedback from the users, Mapping the existing journeys, & Qualitative research by looking into analytics to build a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope, user needs, and business goals.

User Insights

Most users felt lost in the vast ocean of meaningful information on stocks and different asset classes. Although, with limited time at hand they found it almost impossible to make sense of all this information and make quick and well-informed investment decisions. They was a need for simplifying this journey, and personalization was one key

Market Insights

Some of the key market trends clearly identified was to leverage the power of AI to make the experience personalised and relevant for the Investors. Building a hook mechanism to better recall and deeper engagement.

Testing the Assumptions

The research conclusively validated our hypothesis and we knew we were headed in the right direction.

marketsmojo Information Architecture Design
Impact on Project

By understanding user preferences, pain points, and needs, the design could be tailored to ensure it is user-centric, intuitive, and meets their expectations.


Not all insights will carry the same weight or importance. By understanding which aspects are most crucial to users or to the achievement of business goals, we could prioritise which features or design elements to develop first.


These were tested and iterated before a full-fledged implementation, reducing the risk of large-scale changes at a later stage.


Engineered a streamlined & user-friendly website UI, addressing pain points and enhancing the onboarding journey.

landscape marketmojo portfolio
marketmojo portfolio mobile screens
marketmojo portfolio mobile

The website unveils a fresh visual persona symbolising a dynamic and rapidly advancing entity, propelling the aesthetics of markets’ liveliness. It harnesses a foundational palette of sharp purple and dark grey, accompanied by a secondary spectrum of vivid hues reminiscent of the premium advisory service marketsmojo has to offer.

Highlighting the Experts’ advise and technology intrinsic to AI, the site utilises dual tone palette: AI-generated and imagery reflecting on Experts and Editorial aspects.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated serif font to ensure a clean flow of information and content throughout the website and mirror the significance car approach to retain familiarity yet a complete fresh tak on My Feeds page that is perosnalized to each User. The approach to visualising data as personalized cards powered by AI on the wall like experience, providing single window space for Investors to glean and assimilate information.


Well, let the numbers speak for itself 🙂


The website underwent a comprehensive UX/UI redesign, focusing on improving user engagement and streamlining navigation. Post-redesign, the project saw a 45% increase in user retention, a 30% uptick in daily active users, and enhanced user feedback. The new design blends intuitive interfaces with efficient user pathways, reinvigorating Marketmojo’s digital presence.