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Vixeo is an online video creating platform that helps you make professional videos in minutes.

Making videos is your cup of tea now! Publish video before your tea gets cold.


Dec, 2018


Vixeo Craft


User Interface Design

Making video can be a cumbersome task.

Remember the last time you tried to make a video to post on social media. You probably had to go through a perplexing process of putting together footages, images, text and sound etc. with massive amounts of editing and iterations. We asked ourselves… why is not as easy posting a picture on instagram using filters.

What if making videos was as easy as booking a ticket online.

We worked with Vixeo in-house team using Design Sprint 2.0 methodology. We encouraged the team to sketch their ideas on paper and each stakeholder presents their ideas. Ideas are accepted by merit. The ones that are voted the most are considered for further and make it to the final Vixeo product vision.

Compare Vixeo Wireframes1 Before

The best part about Design Sprints is that it’s fast and makes better ideas. Literally, you have multiple brains from different backgrounds with unique take on the product.


No matter who comes up with the idea, the whole team gets to vote and decide what works best.

Vixeo for desktop
Vixeo UX/UI
Vixeo User Interface


The desktop UX is being progressively released, but is already seeing significantly increased engagement and repeat usage. The Mobile apps will be released shortly basis the learnings, feedback and insights from the desktop users.

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